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Case studies, research reports, and articles demonstrating the effectiveness of nation, city, and place branding and marketing strategies.

What Works

Growing Indigenous tourism in Canada: Case Study

Supporting Indigenous businesses can have a positive ripple effect on the local economy. Learn how Indigenous tourism operators and destination marketers are collaborating on product development and capacity building as Alphabet's Cathy Kirkpatrick shares expertise from three tourism stakeholders moving the needle on Indigenous tourism growth.

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Chile: Creating future

Chile set out to communicate not only what they had been given, but what they had to give – the contributions of Chilean men and women who are creating a better future for our country and our world. Discover how Imagen de Chile launched the 'Chile Creating Future' strategy and how it's engaging stakeholders from across the country in the vision for the country.

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International House Vilnius

Lithuania’s capital could easily employ at least 8,000 more IT specialists to sustain the ecosystem’s growth and similar numbers across Fintech, Biotechnology, and Lasers. International House Vilnius was set up to accommodate this need and make the city increasingly attractive for foreign talent.

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FOMO and the return to city life

Even as the pandemic restrictions lifted, many workers who could work from home chose not to return to commuting to Washington DC. The challenge: How to encourage people to return to their DC office, and return to participating in all the aspects of city life they used to love in DC?

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Moldova for Peace

On the 24th of February 2022, the war in Ukraine started, forcing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to leave their home country. As a multinational country, many of whose citizens had previously expressed pro-Russian views, Moldova faced a communication crisis. Discover how Invest Moldova launched a campaign to unite the nation.

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What WorksEuropePlace BrandingEstoniaPlace Brand of the YearWinner20221m-2.5m

Estonia's strong place brand narrative supported them through crises. Here's how.

After five years, Estonia's place brand strategy was well-established. But when crisis struck and Russia invaded Ukraine, they needed a way to update their approach to showcase their values and rally their stakeholders around their vision. Learn more about their award-winning strategy here.

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