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Case studies, research reports, and articles demonstrating the effectiveness of nation, city, and place branding and marketing strategies.

What WorksCitizen EngagementPlace BrandingCanadaNorth AmericaBest Citizen Engagement StrategyWinner2021>250kFort McMurray Wood Buffalo

How Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo engaged their community in their regional identity

For the past 20 years, Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo’s reputation has been dictated by outsiders, with locals left saying, ‘that’s not us!’ The region needed to start proudly sharing what they were instead of what they weren’t, and so the team at Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo [FMWB] started on the region’s first attempt to proactively manage the region’s identity and reputation.

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What WorksEuropeTourismIcelandBest Communication StrategyWinner250k-1m

Scream therapy and Iceland's innovative place marketing strategy

As the world went into collective pandemic lockdown, the last thing people stuck inside with their pent-up frustrations needed was a tourism campaign from somewhere they couldn’t go. But with Iceland’s tourism industry and much of the economy on the line, the team at Visit Iceland couldn’t afford to let that stop them. 

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What WorksPlace BrandingEuropeBest Use of DesignWinner2021>250kStudio WesselingZuidoost District

Developing an inclusive design identity for Amsterdam's fastest changing city district

Zuidoost is the youngest district of Amsterdam, and residents have roots all over the world. All those cultures together in one neighbourhood ensures Zuidoost has become its own city with its own stories - so any place brand design and strategy needed to be able to embrace the diverse character of the community.

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