City Nation Place UK

2nd Annual Conference


Place brand strategies for a more resilient future

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for the UK. The City Nation Place UK conference took place as a virtual conference, as part of our World Congress, to focus on how to rebuild Brand Britain from the inside out, bringing together place leaders, place brand and marketing teams, and BID leaders to share ideas and learnings.

If you missed the conference, it’s not too late to benefit from the thoughtful and inspiring presentations and panel discussions. PURCHASE a Congress Content Package for just £95 to access all the content for the City Nation Place Congress - 48 recorded sessions focusing on recovery strategies for tourism, investment promotion, and economic development; nation, region, and city branding; and marketing, PR, and design for place brands.

Nine key takeways from the City Nation Place UK conference:

  • Brand Britain is stronger on the world stage than a lot of people think it is: some of the strengths that we take for granted are considered remarkable outside of the UK
  • The GREAT campaign continues to provide an effective showcase of these strengths to an international audience – events in 2022 will provide a focus for civic pride
  • Culture was worth 13.5bn to the UK economy in 2018 and working in partnership with the cultural sector can be the key to a successful place economy
  • Listen to your communities: involve them in your strategy and ask them for solutions, and leverage trusted organisations in the community to help with your messaging
  • Take learnings from citizen focussed marketing during height of pandemic as you move towards more outward marketing - the creative platform that you used can be re-framed
  • To build confidence in visitors and citizens you need the right balance of messaging between safety and enjoyment
  • The place brand needs to be more than a logo – it needs to be the strategic foundation for cross-sector economic development and tourism development
  • Don’t attract investors for investment sake, but to help you solve the challenges that your place is facing
  • Focussing on the wellbeing of your citizens and will make your place more attractive for talent, and for investors

Inspiring and coherent place branding is an essential way of bringing valuable jobs and growth to nations, cities and regions via increased inward investment, trade, tourism and students. The UK has an incredibly rich and diverse range of regions, each with their own distinctive & authentic characteristics and attractions. By sharing best practice, we can find a way of complementing each other’s work, growing market share without necessarily competing with each other.

Conrad Bird, Director, GREAT Britain Campaign

This is a wonderful conference and I am truly inspired by everyone who has spoken.

Zsuzsi Page, Reading Place of Culture Lead, Reading UK


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