City Nation Place UK

3nd Annual Conference

room Glaziers Hall, London

Building and leveraging place brands to drive recovery

After 18 months or so of working from home, striving for creative responses to crises and emerging opportunities, City Nation Place UK will provide a much-needed day of inspiration and learning for place brand and marketing leaders across the country. Join us for the day in London to explore how your place brand and marketing strategy can provide a more effective anchor for economic recovery. We will bring together speakers to provide expert analysis of which trends in terms of tourism, work culture, and investment are here to stay; what this means for the attractiveness of your place; and how you should develop your strategic response. You will hear from place leaders how they are developing plans to – dare we say it – rebuild better and build your network of like-minded place brand and marketing professionals.

Through a mix of keynote presentations, panels, case studies, and round table discussions, the one-day conference will provide you with a reboot of ideas and an updated understanding of how your town, city, or region can build a more effective brand and marketing strategy.

The agenda will include…

  • How brand Britain is evolving on the global stage and what this means for your place economy
  • How the national teams are planning to rebuild international tourism and investment
  • How towns and cities are breathing life back into their centres through place making and culture-based strategies
  • How rural destinations are working to leverage emerging opportunities to attract talent and investment
  • In the week of COP26, how places are adopting more sustainable approaches and leveraging sustainability brand values in their marketing

Very good event - great talks & networking, with useful and inspiring content.

Caroline Broadway, Head of Marketing & Communications, West Midlands Growth Company

This is a wonderful conference and I am truly inspired by everyone who has spoken.

Zsuzsi Page, Reading Place of Culture Lead, Reading UK