City Nation Place UK 2024

Lichfield, Staffordshire


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    Leadership Panel: Managing change, breaking down the silos, and making new collaborations work

    Whether it’s the restructuring of the DMO landscape in England, the introduction of more mayoral combined authorities and city regions across the UK, the changing role of BIDs, ongoing impact of the folding of LEPs back into local authorities, or the roll-out of various government funds and initiatives, there continues to be change in place leadership structures. Is there a danger that we’re creating more silos? This leadership panel will focus on how places are managing the changes and striving to make new collaborations work. How can a place-led approach cut through potential structural barriers to achieve the best outcomes?

    Senior Representative Destination North East
    Anne Marie Conlon
    Anne Marie Conlon Head of Economic Development, Donegal County Council
  • 10:10

    Case study: Building trust with a unifying narrative and place-led approach

    Introducing a place brand team to deliver place-led initiatives can provide the essential rallying point you need for all public and private sector stakeholders…  

    • Hear how the We Are Staffordshire team work to build trust and engage all stakeholder organisations in the region with a unifying narrative
    • Learn from practical examples of how this can deliver better place marketing outcomes
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    Making sense of ‘place layering’ – harnessing the power of place branding to create simplicity from complexity in a multi place environment

    • Defining a place brand and how this contributes to regional economic development
    • How a city region, region or county brand adds value to the places within it
    • How to present place collectively as a region or county with diverse assets
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    Breakout sessions

    • 11:40

      Enhancing your marketing strategies with insights from 300+ Destination Marketers

      Actionable ideas from the latest State of Destination Marketing 2024 Report by Sojern

    • 11:40

      Place shaping

      Building more successful night-time economies

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    Breakout sessions

    • 13:30

      Place Marketing

      Promoting heritage assets without creating a pastiche reputation

    • 13:30

      Economic & tourism development

  • 14:05

    Round table discussions

    Join a small group of place and place marketing leaders to focus on the topic of most interest to you. Discussions moderated by our expert partners and representatives of the national organisations responsible for driving investment and talent attraction and for developing international tourism.

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    Comfort break

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    Giving voice to your communities & re-building place attractiveness

    In this session you’ll learn from case studies demonstrating community and citizen engagement in the development of place attractiveness

    • How the For Cardiff BID team engaged the wider community in understanding where they should prioritise their work and how this has led to community engagement in new initiatives such as the City Ambition Fund
    • How the Bradford City of Culture team are engaging the people of Bradford in the planning for their year in the spotlight

    Plus, a panel discussion focusing on the best ways to engage the people who live in your place in a vision for the future

  • 16:15

    Presenting the UK on the international stage

    Identifying and communicating the UK’s strengths

  • 16:55

    Summing up and key takeaways

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