City Nation Place Global

7th Annual Conference

room Glaziers Hall, London SE1

The 7th City Nation Place Global conference brought together 100 international delegates in person, and over 150 virtual delegates from around the world, for a hybrid conference designed to explore the evolving role of place brands in the rebuilding of more sustainable place economies. It’s not too late to be a part of the event – purchase a Digital Delegate Package to access all the content and join the networking platform.


10 reasons to invest in a digital delegate package

  1. Hear how place brand and marketing leaders around the world are planning for the future and adapting their strategies for building civic pride, attracting investment and talent, and re-building their tourism economies
  2. Learn from examples of how nations, cities, and places are leveraging a collaborative brand and marketing strategy to drive the recovery of place economies
  3. Improve your understanding of how nation, region, and city brands can work more effectively together
  4. Be inspired by case studies of digital development in place branding
  5. Hear how places are building sustainable development goals in to their brand strategy
  6. Network with place brand and marketing leaders from around the world – either virtually or in person
  7. Take part in round table discussions on key challenges – on zoom or in person
  8. Be the first to hear the first findings of the ground-breaking project to measure the impact of place brand strategies on place economies
  9. Meet and hear from leading solutions providers – across strategy, research, design, and media
  10. Recieve a complimentary copy of the 2021 City Nation Place Awards showcase, packed with place branding case studies from around the world

Keytake aways from City Nation Place Global in 2021

  1. Talent was a key challenge identified in our Crystal Ball session – the tourism sector needs to redefine tourism as a career sector rather than a casual opportunity, and places around the world are focusing on talent development and attraction as a priority in order to attract investment
  2. As places recognise the opportunity offered by increasingly diverse and niche audiences to their destination – whether for tourism, talent, or investment - rooting a place brand in values and a core positioning and then tailoring messaging to the audiences you most want to impress is more effective than trying to be everything for everyone
  3. In terms of organisational readiness to build on the lessons learned from the pandemic and prepare for future challenges and opportunities, our place brand leaders expressed confidence in their own teams, but recognition that there is still work to be done in many nations, regions and cities in terms of creating effective collaborative structures between teams, or across place tiers
  4. Cultural diplomacy is a key strategy for building reputational security for nation brands
  5. Place reputation and attractiveness is dependent upon a strong digital identity and those teams who can develop a more connected approach to digital / physical / traditional reputation management and marketing will be more effective
  6. Every city, region, and nation should be focused on sustainable development – and collaborating with other places to develop best practice and more effective solutions is essential
  7. Whilst collaboration is essential, places are still planning to build their sustainable credentials into their competitive positioning

CNP Global conference gave me an amazing platform to hear, meet and connect with other professionals in this unique and distinct niche of place branding.

Whether we come from a big or small city or country, we are all dealing with the same challenges and opportunities. It was very rewarding to share my experience with colleagues from all over the world.

Nadav Laor, Head of Urban Diplomacy at Tel Aviv Global

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