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City Nation Place breaks down the silos between tourism, economic development, and city management in order to foster a dialogue on how cities can work better together to attract talent, tourism, and investment to your communities.

Over 150 place brand marketing leaders from destination marketing organisations and economic development teams joined us in Pittsburgh for two days of fully engaged discussion. You can read all the key takeaways from the conversation HERE

You’ve created a truly unique platform that allows us to holistically address the most pressing issues facing our industry and our communities. I thought the content was spot on and can’t wait until next time! As a colleague commented to me, “this is THE event for early adopters.” Couldn’t agree more!!

Adam Burke, President & CEO, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

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This was my first CNP conference, recommended by a peer organization we work closely with. It’s been exceptional, and I want more partners to join next year.

Edward Stockhausen, Senior Vice President of Advocacy & External Affairs, Cleveland Neighbrhood Progress

I must give sincere thanks to the team for an inspiring and revitalizing City Nation Place Americas event in Pittsburgh last week. I have a personal way of flagging BIG ideas in my notes – unfortunately this time they ALL seem to have that denotation.

Tim Chambers, VP of Marketing & Communications, Tulsa Regional Tourism-VisitTulsa

2022 Speakers

The conference agenda focused on…

  • How the world has changed – and what this means for place brand attractiveness
  • What does structural collaboration actually look like between DMOs and EDOs?
  • How do you build your place brand reputation around a particular attribute or industry sector and make it work for you?
  • Developing district place brands as a catalyst for building civic reputation
  • Leveraging tourism and events to improve the quality of life for citizens
  • Creating a new future for the centres of our cities
  • How are places talking about talent and skills in a more competitive marketplace?
  • How are places putting themselves back on the map with creative and inspiring marketing?
  • How are EDOs and DMOS managing local relationships for the longer-term?
  • Building a more diverse and inclusive place brand – and how to integrate tough truths into your reputation management

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I’m thrilled that City Nation Place is looking to bring its Americas conference to Pittsburgh this spring. I’ve had the opportunity to participate as one of the jurors for the 2021 global conference, which showcased best practices and strategies for place branding and marketing. I was proud then to represent Pittsburgh – which had just completed its own major rebranding in support of attracting business investment and talent. Now with the City Nation Place Americas conference being hosted in Pittsburgh, it will be thrilling to be able to show so many people who are passionate about placemaking – from the perspectives of economic development and tourism – that something remarkable is happening here. Being able to see and experience the best of this iconic region should inspire delegates while being great for Pittsburgh, which is excited to open its doors wide for a very warm welcome.

Mark Anthony Thomas, President, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, an Allegheny Conference on Community Development affiliate

We are honored and delighted to welcome the 2022 City Nation Place (CNP) Americas Conference to Pittsburgh this May. At its core, CNP Americas is focused on placemaking -  enhancing a destination’s community in order to attract talent, tourism and further investment. We look forward to learning from CNP Americas’ attendees and enriching Pittsburgh’s overall offerings for visitors, businesses and Pittsburghers.

Jerad Bachar, President & CEO, VisitPITTSBURGH

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