City Nation Place Americas

Bringing together place leaders from across the USA and Canada to join the dots between economic development, tourism, and quality of life for their communities.

The 8th annual City Nation Place Americas conference will take place at the C Baldwin Hotel in Houston on May 14th & 15th.  Join place leadership teams from across the USA and Canada to learn from practical examples of collaborative approaches to building more successful place economies, and to focus on the challenges and opportunities that early adopters are exploring.

Here’s just some of the topics we’ll be including in the two-day program:

  • Finding your story: how to identify and build a unique place brand narrative and identity for your city, region, or place

  • Changing perceptions: how place brand and marketing strategies can work together to challenge established perspectives and build place attractiveness for citizens, talent, visitors, and investors

  • How place leaders are building more collaborative relationships between tourism, economic development, the private sector, educational institutions and the community to build civic pride, attract talent, and drive forward the place economy

  • Working with your community to leverage the power of great neighborhoods: how places are finding their soul and creating more diverse and authentic experiences for citizens and visitors, and connecting this increased attractiveness to talent and investment attraction

  • Understanding the future of place marketing: partnering with the media in new ways and leveraging AI effectively

Learn from case studies and panel discussions, plus you’ll have the opportunity to join expert-led roundtable discussions and breakout sessions on the topics of most relevance to you. You can also start learning even before the conference opens by joining one of our Wednesday morning tour options – hear how tourism and economic development strategies come together at Houston’s Space Center or explore the ways in which central Houston is being reinvigorated through purposeful place shaping and cultural development.


Start building more effective collaboration in your place at the conference – join us as a team of stakeholders to benefit from generous group discounts, designed to help you foster the conversations needed to create real progress in your place economy.  

Contact us directly for more information.


Welcome to Houston, a city of opportunity built on collaboration and a can-do spirit. We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to you as we showcase what makes Houston a flourishing global city with a rich culture and dynamic economic landscape. As the host of City Nation Place, we look forward to the opportunity to share Houston with you.

Steve Kean, President and CEO of Greater Houston Partnership

We are delighted to welcome our placemaking colleagues from across the U.S. and Canada to Houston for City Nation Place Americas 2024. Hosting leaders from many different cities gives us an opportunity to showcase why Houston is a leading global destination while simultaneously gleaning new best practices and insights from our friends.

Michael Heckman, President and CEO of Houston First Corporation