City Nation Place Americas

Bringing together place leaders from across the USA and Canada to join the dots between economic development, tourism, and quality of life for their communities.

The 2024 City Nation Place Americas conference in Houston brought together over 240 place leaders for two days to share ideas and inspirational examples of collaborative approaches to building more successful place reputations and place economies.

Here’s just some of the key takeaways:

⚡ Slow down. Take your time with place brand and marketing strategies to get it right as it takes time to build place reputation and civic pride effectively.

⚡ Make sure you find the balance between quick wins for your partners and focusing on long-term strategic development. 

⚡ No one can solve every global challenge or even every challenge in your place. Understanding your place’s assets, and understanding your organisation’s capabilities and strengths means you can more effectively create opportunity for your community. 

⚡ Actions, rather than just words, create your place brand narrative. 

⚡ Technology is going to drive fundamental change in how places engage with their audiences - you have to pay attention. 

⚡ Collaboration [or perhaps we should call it co-creation] is worth the effort it takes to get it right.

Recent testimonials...

#CNPAmericas24 is a wrap! Another productive, and fun experience. When I go to conferences I am happy to walk away with 2-3 ideas, at CNP conferences I leave with pages of ideas and inspiration. Thank you City Nation Place team for a wonderful experience.

Erin Schneiderman Director of Marketing, Denver South

City Nation Place’s Americas 2024 conference has been an amazing opportunity to convene local leaders, build/grow relationships, and reflect on how promising our Hamilton County, Indiana, future is working together.

Mike Thibideau President & CEO, Invest Hamilton County