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5th Annual Conference

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Re-thinking your place brand proposition for a more resilient future

The City Nation Place Americas agenda will explore the longer-term changes created over the past year’s crises in terms of what people are looking for in a place to live, work, study, and invest – and crucially of course, how place brand and marketing teams should respond. Over two half days, our speakers will focus on the place-making and destination management response, on how they are adapting their place marketing narratives, and how – as organisations – they are evolving to address the new challenges and opportunities. BOOK NOW to join the discussion and ensure that your team are ready for the future.

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  • 13:00

    Re-thinking what place attractiveness means for cities and regions across the USA and Canada

    • What longer-term changes in lifestyle, work, and travel have been accelerated by the COVID pandemic and how do place leaders expect these to impact on where people will want to live, work, invest, and visit?
    • How should we be re-thinking and re-positioning place attractiveness?
    Matt Haggman
    Matt Haggman
    EVP, One Community One Goal, Beacon Council, Miami
    Stephanie Clovechok
    Stephanie Clovechok
    President & CEO, Tourism Saskatoon
    Clare Dewhirst
    Clare Dewhirst
    Director, City Nation Place
  • 13:40

    How Greenville, South Carolina built its place attractiveness and reputation – and resilience through COVID

    • How the pandemic has been a stress test for Greenville’s approach to placemaking – and proved the value of mixed-use development, walkability, and green space
    • Leveraging the building recognition of the value of quality of life to enable current and future investment
  • 14:15


    Choose which stage to visit for the following sessions….

    • Strategies for resurrecting your placemaking assets – your local businesses and cultural life

      COVID and stay-at-home orders have decimated the cultural life and the local businesses that provide essential quality of life attractiveness. DMOs and EDOs have been focused on supporting them through the crisis, but what next?

      • Karolyn Raphael, President of Winger Marketing, joins Rob to walk through a unique case study from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin’s 2020 tourism and placemaking strategic plan.
      • The “what”:  Conducting a placemaking master plan for your destination post-pandemic 
      • The “how”:  How have places achieved this and how can we learn from them? 
    • Using stories to rebuild a more collaborative and resilient tourism future

      • The pandemic highlighted the need for more authentic, trustworthy, and timely collaboration between locals, partners, and visitors—how can DMOs take these learnings into the future as travel returns?
      • Stories are one of the fastest-growing content formats in the history of digital marketing; how can DMOs take advantage of this format travelers are already familiar with to better collaborate with their partners, share local-first narratives, and drive more traffic to their websites?
      • How we've seen DMOs use Stories to improve coordination across their partner ecosystems, adjust their messaging with real-time locally-sourced UGC, and shape traveler demand.
      Graeme Leathem
      Graeme Leathem
      Digital Content Manager, Destination British Columbia
  • 14:55


    Choose which stage to visit for the following sessions….

  • 15:30

    Refreshment break

  • 15:50

    Place attractiveness for all: how should places, and place leaders, be responding to the national conversations around D&I and equitable development?

    • Adopting intentional strategies to make a difference
    • Ideas for improving diversity and inclusion across tourism and all sectors of economic development
    • Ensuring you put KPIs in place to measure more than box-ticking
    Kevin Eshkawkogan
    Kevin Eshkawkogan
    President & CEO, Indigenous Tourism Ontario
  • 16:30

    Think tank round table discussions

    Let’s go out and play!  How to help your place assets recover
    Moderator: Rob Hunden, CEO, Hunden Strategic Partners

    Collaborating with locals, partners, and visitors to drive destination recovery
    Moderator: Julia Manoukian, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Crowdriff

    What have we learned about talking to local audiences, and when and how should we continue the conversation?
    Moderator: Cathy Kirkpatrick, Partner, Alphabet Creative

    Future proofing your destination: credible, tangible & productive stakeholder engagement
    Moderator: David Peacock & Kevin Bate, Simpleview 

    Brand architecture - challenges and opportunities with a community wide brand platforms
    Moderator: Ryan Short, Civicbrand

    Uncovering your destination’s stories: how to develop a more authentic voice
    Moderator: John Paget, Better Cities Film Festival

    Talent attraction: adapting and innovating strategies to meet changing worker attitudes
    Moderator: Chris Fair, President, Resonance Consultancy

    How to Local Up
    Moderator: Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist, Trajectory

  • 17:15

    An international perspective: positioning Stockholm as a city of wellbeing and purpose

    • Understanding and expressing your city’s DNA
    • What is the future of work and travel? And how can you create a clear ethos and philosophy for your city to anchor your positioning?
    • The 15-minute city: leveraging placemaking to foster community and wellbeing
  • 17:40