City Nation Place Americas 2020

4th Annual Conference

room Delta Hotels Toronto, Canada
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Day 2 - Conference

May 20, 2020 | 8.30 A.M – 5.30 P.M. | Delta Hotels, Toronto

  • 08:00

    Optional Breakfast Briefing: Bringing your place brand to life

    Join the 3D Cityscapes team for breakfast and the opportunity to learn about the amazing 3D interactive software they have created for marketing cities – an exciting new approach for economic development and investment promotion, which could also have applications for tourism marketing. Find out how video game software (Unreal Engine 4) can create hyper-realistic interactive environments which are very dynamic and engaging and how this can be used to showcase cities and their developments. 

    This session is for limited numbers.

  • 08:30

    Delegate registration

  • 08:50
  • 09:00

    Welcome: Representative of City of Toronto

  • 09:15
  • 09:50

    Challenges and opportunities for place branding in North America: the CEO perspective

    Our CEO panel will provide CEO perspectives from leading destination marketing and economic development organisations.  

    • What’s keeping them up at night?  
    • How do they see the developing role of their organisations?  
    • How do they expect collaborative relationships between tourism and economic development to progress? 
    Scott  Beck
    Scott Beck
    President & CEO, Tourism Toronto
  • 10:40


  • 11:20

    Choose one of the following breakout sessions that is most suited to you...

    • Creating citizen advocates for your place brand strategy

      • How to secure the buy-in of your community to your place branding ambitions 
      • How to include your citizens in the story-telling and positive advocacy for your place
      Suzanne Weirick
      Suzanne Weirick
      Commissioner , Elkhart County
      Arvis Dawson
      Arvis Dawson
      Council Member, Elkhart City
    • Following the evidence: data-led place branding

      • Using data as a tool to bring stakeholders together behind an evidence-led strategy 
      • Working with your partners to understand what data is available and how you can use it effectively 
      • How measurement can improve the effectiveness of your place brand strategy
    • Responding to the next generation of talent and business decision-makers: insights for economic development and place-making

      • As millennials and generation z mature into sought-after talent and business decision-makers, how are corporates responding with their site investment strategies?
      • Understanding the developing challenges and opportunities for downtown districts, suburbs, and smaller towns located near to big cities
  • 12:05

    Choose one of the following breakout sessions that is most suited to you...

    • Real time reputation monitoring

    • Leveraging the opportunities of the international student market

    • Session details to follow

  • 12:45


  • 13:45

    Choose one of the following breakout sessions that is most suited to you...

    • Trails, routes & districts: creating new place identities to attract tourism & investment

      Two case studies with different objectives but comparable learnings!

      • It takes a community to market a destination: lessons learned from the successful Whiskey Rebellion Trail
      • Bringing a network of private sector partners together to create a brand strategy to support physical economic development, and to attract talent and investment: Oklahoma Innovation District
      Katy Boren
      Katy Boren
      President & CEO, Oklahoma Innovation District
    • Spaces for people: how to manage the development of public space to meet the equitable development challenge

      • An opportunity to learn from the experience of the successful revitalisation of Calgary’s East Village and Rivers District and the team leading the largest public park development project in the USA.  This session will focus on:
        • stakeholder engagement 
        • managing the relationship between public sector and private investment
        • programming for effective placemaking
      Clare LePan
      Clare LePan
      Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Calgary Municipal
    • How place brand strategies are meeting the challenges and creating opportunities for rural places across North America

      With changing work and career patterns, and emerging tourism market, creating new opportunities for rural destinations, how do rural teams need to change their approach to capitalise on the unique benefits that they offer? 

      Andrew Redden
      Andrew Redden
      Economic and Tourism Development Manager, Hastings County
  • 14:30

    Choose one of the following breakout sessions that is most suited to you...

    • Balancing the opportunities and challenges of playing host to large-scale, high reputation events

      • National or international events can put the spotlight on your place brand and bring huge economic benefits – but how do you manage your place brand story to ensure that it doesn’t become all about a single event?  
      • How do you ensure year-round benefits?
      • How do you ensure our brand is built on a broader platform?
      Emmanuelle Legault
      Emmanuelle Legault
      Vice President Marketing and Strategy, Tourisme Montréal
    • Transforming your downtown to attract talent and investment

      • Why cities across North America are recognising the role that downtown plays in your place brand strategy: improving the quality of life proposition for citizens and workers
      • The challenges and opportunities of bringing together all key stakeholders to deliver a collaborative solution
      • Lessons and ideas from the Topeka experience
    • ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION SESSION Your place brand strategy and the climate emergency…

      • Join fellow delegates in round table discussions to explore ideas for embedding sustainability into your place branding and marketing strategy.
      • Is carbon neutral growth a plausible ambition?
      • What can we learn from each other?
  • 15:10


  • 15:40

    Standing out from the crowd and achieving more with less: innovative marketing strategies that demonstrate great results

    • Sometimes lack of funds can be the mother of more creative thinking – how can innovative thinking drive more effective results? 
    • Making partnerships work for you: city to city partnerships & private sector partnerships that enable you to stretch your media budgets further
    • Leveraging your content to the max: keeping up with social media opportunities
  • 16:05

    City vs region: the arguments for and against the developing regionalisation of place branding

    • When is it effective for places to come together to create a regional brand? 
    • It seems to work really well for economic development, perhaps less so for tourism?   
    • What are the challenges, the benefits, what lessons can we learn from places doing it well?  
    Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher
    CEO, Council of the Great Lakes Region
    Milton Segarra
    Milton Segarra
    Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Mississippi
  • 16:50

    Smart cities, tech cities: what can it do for your brand?

    Smart city status is a much sought-after ranking the world over - but research has actually shown that it's often the last thing on the list for global investors. How are cities making smart city developments work harder for their place brand? An opportunity to learn from one of the world's leading Smart Cities...

  • 17:10

    Inspiring wonder & connection in your place: creating destination experiences through multimedia and storytelling imagination

  • 17:30

    Close of conference followed by farewell drinks