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DAY ONE: Wednesday, May 11

Morning: Place making and economic development tour: an introduction to Destination Oakland

Afternoon conference:

  • 13:30


  • 14:00
  • 14:15

    The Mayoral Perspective: Fostering organisational collaboration and policy alignment to drive improvements in quality of life

  • 14:45

    What does structural collaboration actually look like between DMOs and EDOs?

    • Learning from successful examples of collaboration – from ad hoc MOUs to the full integration of resources and approach
  • 15:25

    One organisation, one purpose, many objectives

    • What can be learned from this international case study, where one organisation is responsible for all place brand communications, for attracting tourism, talent, and investment
    • How is the organisational team structured to manage multiple objectives and how does a single organisational structure help or hinder creative and effective collaboration
  • 15:40


  • 16:10

    So you want to be the “city of x” – how do you build your place brand reputation around a particular attribute or industry sector and make it work for you?

    • Holistic sector growth strategies – the risks and opportunities
    • Stakeholder collaboration: how tourism, convention boards and economic development teams can work more effectively together and with Chambers of Commerce, Universities and education partners
  • 16:40

    How do you align with other stakeholders on economic performance metrics?

    • As DMOs and EDOs look to revise their KPIs – are they starting to measure the same thing, ie: the impact on the community?
    • Who does what / measures what and how can you collaborate on measurement?
  • 17:30

    Close of Day One

  • 18:30

    Evening Welcome Reception

DAY TWO: Thursday, May 12

  • 08:30

    Registration for Day Two

  • 09:00

    Welcome back & introduction to day two

  • 09:10

    Morning keynote: Leveraging tourism and international events to improve the quality of life for our citizens

  • 09:30

    Is it possible to actually be a destination management organisation?

    • Can DMOs become “management? Can they do it alone? Does it require collaboration? What do we actually mean by it?
  • 10:10

    Creating an effective and attractive jigsaw of downtown and neighbourhoods

    • How do you keep your Downtown special and not homogeneous?
    • Building up neighbourhood brands to strengthen your place brand
    • Sustainable long-term thinking / community-based tourism and development
  • 10:40

    Refreshments & networking

  • 11:10

    Making 2 + 2 = 4: how sharing data between stakeholders can deliver better planning and drive better outcomes

    • Understanding the data that can be made available through better stakeholder relationships
    • Using data effectively to drive better outcomes for residents and visitors
  • 11:50

    Join the breakout session of your choice – to be confirmed

  • 12:35

    Join the breakout session of your choice – to be confirmed

  • 13:10


  • 13:55

    Inspiration station: how are places putting themselves back on the map with innovative, creative & inspiring marketing strategies?

    Series of short presentations from places with a great new campaign to share – please get in touch if you’d like to nominate your own story

  • 14:15

    Round Table discussions

    Join fellow delegates in groups of 10 for moderated discussion on a range of topics. Sign up to the topics of most interest to you to share your challenges and successes and learn from other places’ approach.

  • 15:10

    Comfort break, refreshments

  • 15:30

    Changing the way places talk about talent and skills in a more competitive marketplace

    • How are places talking about the skills and talents they can offer investors?
    • How are places talking about careers in tourism?
    • How are places talking about their attributes to attract digital nomads and remote workers?
  • 16:10

    Authentic, inclusive place brand storytelling: how do you integrate tough truths into how your citizens, visitors, and businesses understand your place brand?

    Martha Sheridan
    Martha Sheridan President & CEO, Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • 16:50

    Closing keynote

  • 17:10

    Summing up

  • 17:15

    Closing drinks