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Case studies, research reports, and articles demonstrating the effectiveness of nation, city, and place branding and marketing strategies.

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Launching Brand Scotland

Four years after the launch of Brand Scotland, they're leading the way in sustainable development. We're excited to have Claire Prentice, Head of Brand Scotland Marketing, at City Nation Place Global to share her experience of putting SDGs at the centre of their strategy and balancing the challenges of collaboration and competition. Get a sneak preview of where it all began here with their 2018 City Nation Place Awards entry.

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What Works

How Greenville, South Carolina built its place attractiveness and reputation – and resilience through COVID

Mayor Knox White of the City of Greenville shares how Greenville's placemaking focus on mixed-use development, walkability, and green space promoted the city's resiliency during the pandemic, and how increased recognition in the value of developing your quality of life proposition drives investment.

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Checkout247: the grocery conveyor belt that promoted Finnish Independence

On the eve of Finland’s independence centenary in December 2017, the goal was to create a moment of togetherness - a low-threshold way for Finns to join in and tell the narrative of Finland - using the simple medium of a grocery conveyor belt.

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The strategy for presenting Lithuania abroad

Since 1996, Lithuania has made several attempts to build a national brand. Unfortunately, historically, these efforts have not been very successful. Taking into consideration the previous lessons learnt, the Brand Lithuania Group has decided to build a new strategy for presenting Lithuania abroad based on strict nation brand methodology surveys

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Welcome to Mount Pearl

Many economic development advertising campaigns follow the same predictable formula, serving up a laundry list of forgettable facts, features, and financial incentives. Find out how Mount Pearl broke away from the formula by creating an attention grabbing rap video to tell the city’s story in an irresistibly funny, but honest way.

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