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What Works

Six places that are living their sustainable values

People are getting more savvy and are quick to call out organisations who aren’t walking the talk. However, if you can embed your sustainable values throughout your organisation and ensure that your strategy is reflective of your community, it’s possible to make real impact with your approach. Here are some top examples of how cities and nations around the world are making sure that they’re living their sustainable values to lay the path for a more resilient future.

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Nordic Talks: Inspire to act, act to inspire

The eight countries in the Nordics might look similar, but they’re pretty different in terms of size, nature, export markets and finally, nation branding. Still, they have a few crucial things in common. Find out how 'Nordic Talks,' a joint branding initiative, worked to enhance the Nordic Commonality and share their core values.

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Creating a data-driven, multisectoral strategy for Chile

As a small country at the bottom edge of the world, the challenge for Chile is to make itself known, individualise itself from the region, and generate opportunities for its people. And to do that, they needed a solid foundation of data...

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