Why Finland created emojis to share their nation brand

Entered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2016 winner of Best Use of Social Media

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and its country image media ThisisFINLAND (TiF) was planning its annual Christmas calendar. Previously, the calendar had been targeted at families – an easy subject for the country, which is the home of the real Santa. In 2015, however, TiF wanted to target a different audience: young people globally.  The challenge was to come up with an idea that would reach the crowd that is not the Ministry’s usual audience. The team also wanted to communicate about Finland in a digitally savvy way but with a slightly unconventional tone: they needed a tongue-in-cheek approach. This was due to the fact that the Finnish country brand is very efficient, clean, functional and
engineer-like, lacking a bit in the fun and quirky sector, that the Finns themselves associate with the country. 

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