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The Utrecht Region: creating a collaborative design identity

Instead of collaborating together, the smaller municipalities tend to interpret the city of Utrecht as an authority. In order to make a change on the international playing field, the local marketing teams need to team up and form a strong alliance and form a cohesive design identity for the region.

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The Capital of Metal

Metal isn’t a subculture in Finland; it’s mainstream, and Finland's goal was to provide the metal community with a way to engage in discussion with the global audience. The metal community is about inclusivity, and fosters a spirit of togetherness, mirroring the aspects of Finnish society that they wanted to showcase.

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The state of Denmark

Most of Denmark’s business regions have developed independent branding strategies to attract (the same) group of international companies and talent – and in the end, this is a zero-sum game with more losers than winners. To counter this, a new strategic branding adventure was embarked upon to support the ability of all of Denmark to attract international talent and companies.

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