The strategy for presenting Lithuania abroad

Since 1996, Lithuania has made several attempts to build a national brand. Unfortunately, historically, these efforts have not been very successful. Taking into consideration the previous lessons learnt, the Brand Lithuania Group has decided to build a new strategy for presenting Lithuania abroad based on strict nation brand methodology surveys, involving general public and ministries as well as public institutions responsible for presenting Lithuania abroad, also involving experts of nation branding and other key areas.

Though it has taken longer than it might otherwise, the decision was made to take a sustainable path that involved all stakeholders. It was key to ensure that the brand was clearly related to real life and the vision and values held by Lithuanians. Equally, it was important to ensure the strategy was practical and achievable, and also fit for the goals of the public authorities and of stakeholders. Another goal was to discover what it was that Lithuania could offer to the world to ensure that the chosen positioning would meet the expectations of Lithuania itself, as well as those of the target countries.

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