Tasmania: Storytelling through story pairings

entered by Brand Tasmania

There was a time when Tasmanians tended to ignore what it was to be Tasmanian. In a loud world, they were silent. Hiring people to boast that Tasmania was the best – world-class even – never worked. So instead of purchasing a solution from an agency, the team at Brand Tasmania listened to Tasmanians. After over 400 interviews, they had hundreds of thousands of words – and these words were eerily consistent and powerful. The Tasmanian story follows a ‘rags-to-riches’ structure – though in Tasmania, success is about realising individual and community potential rather than money. Tasmanians are Cinderellas – hidden, misunderstood, beautiful but overlooked. Then with hard work, passion, and obsession, they pursue the special, the strange, the artisanal.

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