Estonia's strong place brand narrative supported them through crises. Here's how.

Traditionally, Estonia’s true challenge is being faced with questions like “Estonia – what company is this?” So to tell the story of Estonia, they needed a strong identity in the centre of how they strategically promoted their country. And in 2017, they launched their nation-wide strategy based on three core messages – digital society (what is our country like?), clean environment (what’s the space like that we live in?), and independent mind (what are the people like?). It reflected the sincere reality of Estonia; the messages were a result of many expert interviews and research. 

From then on, the Brand Estonia team’s daily challenge has been keeping the core story aligned with the brand throughout all communications across all topics. As a result, they’ve gained international publicity through initiatives like e-residency and marketing activities such as e-Estonia. But this year [2022], 24th February gave a whole new dimension to everything. 

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