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As we count down to 2017, we’re reflecting on the key insights and actions that emerged from the second City Nation Place Global Forum. What concrete difference can these make to the strategies of Place Brand Leaders as you plan the year ahead? This is the first of a series of short posts.

Over 50 place brand practitioners from all over the world gathered together on the day before this year’s City Nation Place conference to share insights on two key topics – when to initiate or refresh a place brand strategy and how to engage key stakeholders. The Think Tank was led by Dr Keith Dinnie, author of Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice and editor of the book City Branding: Theory and Cases [both published by Palgrave-Macmillan].  In this report, Giannina Warren, Lecturer in Advertising and Promotional Culture at Middlesex University in the UK, summarises the key findings and insights of the session.

Report topics:
When to initiate a place brand strategy
When not to prioritise place branding
Stakeholder management:

  • Identifying who your key stakeholders are
  • Be aware of points of resistance
  • Employing co-creation


City Nation Place is pleased to showcase a stunning tourism promotion campaign.  For their first foray in to promotion through storytelling and native content, Florida Keys and Key West worked with The New York Times T Brand Studio to provide information on some of the most popular leisure activities and natural attractions in this unique American destination.  

The beautiful visuals and bright colours take the audience on a ride through the Keys, with stunning video and an itinerary full of adventure.   The digital campaign ran for three months – weighted to meet peak seasonal targets.

Take a look, here.

logo Jeremy Hildreth "The Indiana Jones of Branding", and co author of "Brand America: The Mother of All Brands" with Simon Anholt

As you’ll know if you’ve had any experience with place branding, it’s such a strange beast of a discipline that it’s rare to have an unqualified victory. Speaking for myself, I’ve been in the game for 13 years – which might even qualify me as a pioneer in the field –and I often wish I could go back and give my past clients the benefit of my hindsight.

BBC Silk Road Insights

Download a presentation of new research, conducted by BBC Advertising, in conjunction with the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). In addition to top-line trends on travel plans and information used to plan trips, the research showcases interesting facts and figures about the Silk Road.  


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The winners of the CNP Awards were announced at the second annual City Nation Place conference in London on 10 November. Find out who won.

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Delegates from 34+ countries attended.

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