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Blog posts bringing together takeaways from events, interviews, and our conversations with place branding practitioners around the world that suggest important trends, or provide inspiring ideas.

Trends & Ideas

Can nation brand perceptions predict performance?

As the world becomes increasingly connected, soft power is an important tool that nations can leverage to achieve economic success. Brand Finance's Place Branding Director Konrad Jagodzinski explores the link between nation brand perceptions and performance and shares some ideas on how you can leverage your soft power to grow your economy.

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Trends & Ideas

New research from City Nation Place highlights emerging priorities for place brand and marketing organisations

Each year, we reach out to our community of place brand and marketing leaders to benchmark how the industry is developing and to take stock of emerging challenges and opportunities. With the continued global uncertainty, it once again seemed particularly pertinent to understand how strategies were evolving. Here are just a few of our key takeaways from the research to help inform your own strategies…

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Trends & Ideas

Ukraine, sustainability, and the impact of soft power

Last week, Brand Finance launched their 2023 Global Soft Power Index. Against a backdrop of uncertainty and instability, it seemed particularly relevant to pause and take stock of how soft power was impacting – and being impacted by – world events. Discover which nations are leading the way and how smaller to mid-sized countries are creating an impact on the global stage.

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Five experts predict the trends that will impact place branding in 2023 and beyond

Which trends will be making the biggest impact on place brand and place marketing strategies over the next twelve months? From sustainability to data to managing decreased spending budgets, five of our expert partners shared their insights to help you keep your finger on the pulse as you head into 2023.

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