Place Brand of the Year

Houston's place brand unification project

Houston needed a brand that would be inclusive of all industries - and it needed to reflect the community's sentiment too. Discover how Houston's brand unification project ensured that all stakeholders are working in alignment and towards a common goal – to further enhance Quality of Place.

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Belong to all: The place brand strategy for Madeira

After lockdown, Madeira Promotion Bureau took the opportunity to rethink their strategy and adapt their offer to the new and constantly evolving demands of a post-pandemic world. Discover how their place brand provided the foundation for the success of their strategy.

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Chile: Creating future

Chile set out to communicate not only what they had been given, but what they had to give – the contributions of Chilean men and women who are creating a better future for our country and our world. Discover how Imagen de Chile launched the 'Chile Creating Future' strategy and how it's engaging stakeholders from across the country in the vision for the country.

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Estonia's strong place brand narrative supported them through crises. Here's how.

After five years, Estonia's place brand strategy was well-established. But when crisis struck and Russia invaded Ukraine, they needed a way to update their approach to showcase their values and rally their stakeholders around their vision. Learn more about their award-winning strategy here.

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Nordic Talks: Inspire to act, act to inspire

The eight countries in the Nordics might look similar, but they’re pretty different in terms of size, nature, export markets and finally, nation branding. Still, they have a few crucial things in common. Find out how 'Nordic Talks,' a joint branding initiative, worked to enhance the Nordic Commonality and share their core values.

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Launching Brand Scotland

Four years after the launch of Brand Scotland, they're leading the way in sustainable development. We're excited to have Claire Prentice, Head of Brand Scotland Marketing, at City Nation Place Global to share her experience of putting SDGs at the centre of their strategy and balancing the challenges of collaboration and competition. Get a sneak preview of where it all began here with their 2018 City Nation Place Awards entry.

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