Levelling the Playing Field: The legacy of the Women’s World Cup

Levelling the Playing Field: The legacy of the Women’s World Cup

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In July 2023, Aotearoa New Zealand would co-host the FIFA Women’s World Cup (WWC). All eyes would be on them. The estimated global audience was 2 billion people. For the first time, the New Zealand Story Group (NZS) was tasked with leveraging a major event for the purpose of protecting, enhancing, and promoting their brand to the world. But they would not ‘leverage’ women’s sport for the benefit of the New Zealand brand. Instead, they would leverage New Zealand’s brand, to genuinely drive the women’s movement forward. And then they would welcome the positive impact.

Gender equity is a space New Zealand has occupied since becoming the first country to grant women the right to vote in 1893. The commitment to levelling the field for women makes the nation an authentic partner to ‘kick the ball on’ for equality. The campaign celebrated female trailblazers across sport, business, and society to engage current and future generations, all while living their values as a progressive nation. This was the right thing to do, for women and for brand New Zealand, as the team are seeking to elevate New Zealand beyond a clean, green, ‘postcard’ perspective, and establish the country brand as ‘progressive’.

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