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Strategic applications of place brand measurement

Brand Finance's Konrad Jagodzinski and Artur Bryzghalov joined three place brand leaders at City Nation Place Global to share practical examples of how place brand measurement can inform your strategy and improve results.
Listen in to learn from Carla Urbano Donayre, Promperu, David Downs, New Zealand Story Group, and Enver Duminy, Cape Town Tourism, as they share their practical experience on how analysing perceptions data can help you identify strategic priorities, develop a licensing programme, and communicate the added value of your work to key stakeholders.

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The importance of being accessible

Accessibility is no longer a mere legal obligation – it’s a strategic imperative for destinations. Don’t miss this presentation from Richard Veal at Simpleview to understand how you can prioritise accessibility and tap into a larger market segment, whilst boosting growth and demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.

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Five secrets to local involvement in tourism marketing

Successful community-based tourism (CBT) marketing campaigns rely on the collaboration of the agency with local communities and trade partners. Trove's Hallie Milstein shares insights from their practised methodology for establishing working relationships, because tourism marketing entails building trust and the application of stakeholder groups.

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The benefits and limitations of niche marketing

There’s a saying in marketing: “The riches are in the niches.” It suggests there’s more worth in marketing a specific product or service to a specific audience. Not one size fits all—fit just for them. It’s about resonance. Alphabet's Cathy Kirkpatrick looks into how this applies to place marketing.

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Beyond growth: indicators that reveal the true cost and benefits of tourism

Prioritising growth in terms of visitor numbers alone means that local residents are likely to lose out. The Travel Foundation's Kelly Galaski explores how destinations can embrace a holistic approach to planning that includes a broader range of key performance indicators to ensure you can make informed decisions for residents and visitors alike.

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