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Knightsbridge, London

This strategically-led design supported the long-term brand building to leverage the area’s reputation for high standards whilst also broadening its appeal to create a welcoming feel for all. Learn more here. 

Using data storytelling

Data-driven insights provided greater visibility of Glasgow’s technology ecosystem and attracted further investment to local startups and scaleups, cementing the region as fast-growing tech hub. Learn more here.

The WOW Barn

A temporary venue constructed in just 24 hours reclaimed a disused site as a safe space built by and for women and non-binary people and broke new ground in making building sites more inclusive. Learn more here.

City of Arcades

The ‘City of Arcades’ brand was established to create a unique identity for Cardiff’s city centre and to showcase the thriving independent business community through a week of community-led events.

Learn about Cardiff's Award entry for Best Placemaking Initiative 

Let's Do London 2022

This campaign struck the balance between representing iconic London to satisfy first-time visitors with unexpected London that would entice people back in order to create a unique ‘London feeling.’

Learn about London's Award entry for Best Communication Strategy: Tourism

Wales to the world

For the first time in 64 years, Wales reached the FIFA World Cup finals, and the team took advantage of the momentum with an authentic, people-led campaign to introduce Wales to the world.

Learn about Wales' Award entry for Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand

Think Different, Think Scotland

A ‘Brand and Demand’ strategy focused on raising awareness of Scotland as a business location and challenging perceived weakness to positively impact people and their lives through inclusive growth.

Learn about Scotland's Award entry for Best Communications Strategy: Economic Development

Launching Brand Scotland

Four years after the launch of Brand Scotland, they're leading the way in sustainable development. We're excited to have Claire Prentice, Head of Brand Scotland Marketing, at City Nation Place Global to share her experience of putting SDGs at the centre of their strategy and balancing the challenges of collaboration and competition. Get a sneak preview of where it all began here with their 2018 City Nation Place Awards entry.

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