What does 5G mean for place marketing, placemaking and place branding?

5G has been in the pipeline since as early as 2008. Today, 5G is nearly in our grasp and 2020 will see the first roll out of commercially viable 5G in consumer devices. But what does it really mean for cities? For businesses? Will 5G herald the next wave of digital transformation or will we just be living in a faster version of our current society?

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Looking Forward as a Tourism Industry Amidst the Uncertainty of COVID-19

While COVID-19 is impacting all industries, the tourism & hospitality sector has experienced the most impact to date given increasing travel restrictions, major event cancellations and overall risk aversion to travel internationally and domestically. Even whilst fire-fighting through the immediate impact, it’s also time to think to the future and recovery planning.

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    Keith Tan Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board
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    Leah Chandler Chief Marketing Officer, Discover Puerto Rico
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    Chris Chiames Chief Communications Officer, Carnival Cruise Line
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    John Bradbury Managing Director, Issues & Crisis, Ketchum
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    Sara Garibaldi Managing Director, Travel & Economic Development, Ketchum
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Has place branding changed as much as we expected?

Three years ago, City Nation Place conducted a survey to discover how the place branding teams for cities, regions, nations and places around the world viewed their opportunities and challenges, and what they were predicting for the future. These are some of the conclusions we drew from the survey in 2017 – but how have these changed as we head into the new decade?

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