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VisitPITTSBURGH New Brand Identity

This design strategy redefined Pittsburgh’s place brand to show the diversity and array of assets available outside the downtown to showcase the varied tapestry of pocket neighbourhoods. Learn more here.

High Point Community Brand

High Point has long been the furniture capital of the world, but this new design expands the story of High Point to include creatives of all type and brings the brand into the built environment. Learn more here.

Choose Chicago - Chicago Alfresco

Local non-profits were invited to design community spaces on closed roads and sidewalks, with an emphasis on outdoor dining and entertainment, creating bustling micro-community hubs. Learn more here.

See What All the Fuss is About

Following a year of crises, Minneapolis became perceived as a dangerous, empty destination – a negative narrative the team tackled head on with a campaign to challenge assumptions of the city.

Learn about Minneapolis' Award entry for Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand

An Oasis of Art

The team raised awareness of lesser-known art and artists to promote the destination as an oasis for arts-and-culture lovers, including an app that helped visitors discover outdoor public art installations.

Learn about Greater Palm Springs, California's Award entry for Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand

KC Global Design - KC Design Draft

Many don’t know Kansas City is a powerhouse for the design and construction industry, so a talent recruitment video parodied the NFL draft to bring awareness to the career opportunities available.

Learn about Kansas City Metropolitan Area's Award entry for Best Communication Strategy: Economic Development

Future Festivals

A series of public input sessions called Future Festivals gave residents the chance to play larger-than-life games to gather feedback that would inform the development of the city’s two-year workplan.

Learn about the City of Williamsburg's Award entry for Best Citizen Engagement

Neighbourhood Tourism Marketing and Engagement Programme

This community-led, equity-focused, and resident-centric work involves citizens as storytellers to reshape Chicago’s narrative and increase civic pride and engagement, whilst dispelling stereotypes.

Learn about the City of Chicago's Award entry for Best Citizen Engagement 

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