Collaboration is king: identifying the key opportunities for collaboration in place branding

Collaboration is key to success in place branding. If you’re able to find a common ground and a common way of working, you can increase the impact of your strategies significantly - and create a more resilient future for your place. But what should you be keeping in mind to promote better collaborative partnerships?

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Engaging Citizens in Place Branding

The ultimate objective of any place brand or marketing initiative is to deliver benefits for the citizens of that nation, city, or place. And of course, a place brand is more than the sum of its geography and physical attractions, a place brand reflects its people. This White Paper will explore how place brand and marketing teams are ensuring that the citizen’s voice is heard and is influential in the development of place brand and marketing strategies.  Through case studies and expert comment, this Report will explore how places are consulting with citizens, engaging citizens in the promotion of the place brand, and measuring the impact of their work through citizen feedback.

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