Collaboration is king: identifying the key opportunities for collaboration in place branding

Within place branding, ‘collaboration’ could broadly encompass anything from working more effectively between your tourism and economic development partners, to engaging your private sector or local government, or even to initiating strategic partnerships with places halfway around the world. Each presents its own challenges and opportunities, and of course, it’s rarely as easy as simply saying “let’s work together!” and watching the pieces fall into place.

Organisations within a place often have conflicting hierarchies, incompatible funding streams, and even incongruous ideals and objectives. However, if you’re able to find a common ground and a common way of working, you can increase the impact of your strategies significantly.

Bringing together years of both our own experience and that of leading experts, we’ve collated thought leadership, innovative case studies and inspiration to help you address the challenges you’re facing and to promote better collaborative partnerships within your city, nation, or place.