Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: The Ride of a Lifetime

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: The Ride of a Lifetime

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In a world still reeling from the challenges posed by a global pandemic, the Swiss tourism industry found itself at a critical juncture. For two long years, travel restrictions had kept the world at bay, and the desire for exploration, discovery, and sustainable travel had surged among travellers worldwide. Switzerland, renowned for its stunning landscapes and efficient train system, saw a unique opportunity to reignite interest in our tourism offerings.

The "Grand Train Tour of Switzerland" campaign is the third in a series of visionary collaborations with brand ambassador Roger Federer. Following the successful 'No Drama' spot in 2021 with Robert De Niro and 'No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland' with Anne Hathaway in 2022, this campaign aimed to build on previous successes.

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