Place Branding for the 2020s - and how COVID-19 is impacting on strategic thinking

Trends & Ideas

Two months ago, we were living and working in a different world. What started as research around the emerging trends in 2020 rapidly gained new importance as COVID-19 put the world on lockdown. Discover the discrepancies between our pre- and post-COVID-19 findings to understand how places can adapt their destination marketing and investment promotion strategies for this new reality.


  • What are the changing priorities and objectives for teams responsible for place branding, destination marketing, investment promotion and economic development?
  • How is funding changing for organisations – and what impact do our respondents expect COVID-19 to have on their funding for the future?
  • What KPIs are place branding professionals using to measure and demonstrate the value of their strategies?

Clare Dewhirst, Director at City Nation Place, and Jason McGrath, SVP at IPSOS Global Reputation Centre, share exclusive insights from the survey. They’re joined by a panel of place branding experts from the most admired place brands in the world, including: Cat Leaver, Director of Brand Scotland, Rose Wangen-Jones, Managing Director, Marketing at London & Partners & Geerte Udo, CEO at amsterdam&partners.

Listen to the discussion and take the opportunity to benchmark your own strategy and response to COVID-19.

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