Fiji: Where Happiness Comes Naturally

Fiji: Where Happiness Comes Naturally

Entering organisation: Tourism Fiji

The pandemic hit Fiji's tourism hard, as tourism is almost 40% of its economy. Reopening borders became a crucial step for Tourism Fiji to revive the nation's economy. Over the past decade, Fiji marketed itself as a convenient family getaway under the slogan 'Where Happiness Finds You'. However, as travellers sought more authentic experiences, the strategy had to be revised.

Portraying Fiji as an island destination wouldn't suffice. The transformation required tackling two key issues: Firstly, Fiji regularly tops surveys for the happiest countries in the world and as a platform for a holiday – moving away from it completely would be a mistake. However, on its own, happiness not only risked feeling superficial, it was also ubiquitous in other categories. Secondly, visitors who weren’t interested in lounging poolside were discounting Fiji, even though it offers a range of experiences. In fact, most travellers stated that ‘getting under the skin of the local culture’ was now vital in choosing a destination.

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