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2021 Presentations

The City Nation Place Americas 2021 presentations are now available for viewing! Purchase our On Demand content package for just US$99 to get unlimited access to the full selection of discussions and hear from Mayor Steve Adler of the City of Austin, Mayor Knox White of the City of Greenville, representatives from Brand USA and Destination Canada, and 17 CEOs from place brand, destination marketing, and economic development organisations from across North America.



How Greenville, South Carolina built its place attractiveness and reputation – and resilience through COVID

Mayor Knox White of the City of Greenville shares how Greenville's placemaking focus on mixed-use development, walkability, and green space promoted the city's resiliency during the pandemic, and how increased recognition in the value of developing your quality of life proposition drives investment.

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Place attractiveness for all: how should places, and place leaders, be responding to the national conversations around D&I and equitable development?

How can you adopt intentional D&I strategies that really make a difference? Al Hutchinson, Visit Baltimore, Kelly Brough, Denver Chamber of Commerce, and Kevin Eshkawkogan, Indigenous Tourism Ontario, outline ideas for improving diversity and inclusion across tourism and all sectors of economic development - and how you can put KPIs in place to measure more than just box-ticking.

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