Planning for the future of tourism in a post-COVID-19 world

Strategy Toolbox

As we transition to the “rebound” phase of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the tourism industry is facing the question: what will the “new normal” look like, and what is our “re-opening” strategy?

Ketchum share their Rebound Decision Matrix, that helps destinations prepare now for a number of critical decisions they will need to make quickly in a collective and a strategic way, while our featured panellists share their learnings and best practices as we move into the recovery planning stage.

Hear from:

Sara Garibaldi, Managing Director, Travel & Economic Development, Ketchum
John Bradbury, Managing Director, Issues & Crisis, Ketchum
Emmanuelle Legault, VP Marketing & Strategy, Tourisme Montréal
Jerad Bachar, CEO, Visit Pittsburgh
Jeremy Cooker, VP Marketing & Special Projects, New Orleans & Company