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Unité légendaire | A legendary story

Unité légendaire | A legendary story

Entered by: Visages Régionaux

In October 2021, a major nursing shortage forced the La Sarre health centre in the Abitibi-Ouest region to close half its beds. Feeling outraged and vulnerable by the situation, the population quickly came together to find solutions. An independent citizen committee managed to raise $1 million in donations from the local population to attract nursing staff from outside the region. Thanks to professional solidarity and collaboration between regional and governmental organizations, this engagement enabled the community to take concrete actions to attract (and retain) nurses in the region.

With its tight-knit community, plentiful nature, and ideal working conditions for a career in healthcare, Abitibi-Ouest has everything to attract nurses. But first, it needed to reach them and convince them to come to the region, which is far from big cities and often passed over for other municipalities nearby.

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