How destination brands can stand out through great storytelling

Strategy Toolbox

As we look to the future, destination brands must develop stories that withhold the test of time and can be adapted in a crisis. This presentation will share practical advice for place brand practitioners looking to stand out from the crowd using the creative power of storytelling.

Hear from leading experts, Gary Bryant, Executive Director - Strategy, & Shaun Loftman, Executive Creative Director CEEMEA, at Landor & Fitch, as well as Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Head of Visit Iceland, Monika Iuel, CMO at Wesgro, & Anita Mehra, SVP Communication & Reputation at Dubai Airports, as they explore:

  1. How to find your unique differentiator and position your place brand
  2. How to bring your place brand to life through storytelling - Physical, Human and Digital experiences (PHD)

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