Six inspiring place branding initiatives from around the world

We gathered some of the best quotes from our speakers at City Nation Place Global to give you a little preview of the wonderful work that destinations around the world have been undertaking:

“Embrace the things that make you difficult and accept that you can’t be everything to everyone. Take Rotterdam, an atypical Dutch city. Not everyone will find our modern city appealing - it is not as I like to say ‘an easy lover’, but those who appreciate its quirky and ugly sides will love it all the more.”

~ Kim Heinen, International Press Officer, Rotterdam Partners

“Paris had never communicated to a B2C audience in the past. As a major tourist destination, it did not have to invest in marketing campaigns until the 2015 attacks. We then started campaigns to reassure visitors and give them reasons to come and visit the city during 2016 and 2017. The role of our team therefore became major in the organisation, as we had moved from a communication mission to a promotional mission, with ambitious objectives to be fulfilled.”

~ Alice Rampelberg, Marketing B2C and E-Commerce Director, Paris Convention & Visitors Bureau

“In Struer City of Sound, our objective has been to create a brand that is based on a true story about the city. In our case, the presence of Bang & Olufsen and in consequence of that a lot of small audio business. The key is to not only talk about the brand, but to continuously create new developments to enforce understanding of the brand.”

~ Peter Kjeldbjerg, Manager, Struer City of Sound

“Sustainability is all about the children. In Billund, we believe that children are just as capable as adults. Physically, we want to make Billund a child-friendly city that invites adventure and exploration. Mentally, we will make Billund the global capital of a future formed together with those who will live in it.”

~ Kristine Schmidt, VP Strategic & Marketing, Capital of Children, Billund

 “In our city, we did not want – as a strategy – to ask stakeholders upfront for an investment in the marketing programme. So we aimed for self-generating income that drives the campaigns for attracting talent, tourism and businesses… Being creative in financing creates freedom and room for manoeuvring the projects without making the organisation dependent on business grants or public money.”

Peter Kentie, Managing Director, Eindhoven 365

 “We were the lowest funded province in Canada when it came to tourism investment. The government has indicated they would develop a sustainable funding model for the future, but seeing none forthcoming, we created one for ourselves… and sold it to the government.”

~ Colin Ferguson, President & CEO, Travel Manitoba.

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