Restart in Idanha

Restart in Idanha

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Idanha-a-Nova is a rural municipality in central-interior Portugal. Idanha has been faced with a problem that the majority of the interior Portuguese territories can identify with: an exodus from rural areas to the big cities. In four decades, Idanha lost about 70% of its population, dropping from more than 35,000 residents to about 8,000. Along with this huge demographic problem, Idanha and the rural world faced a not-inconsiderable set of negative perceptions about rurality and country life. In Portugal, professions linked to rurality were still seen as negative and dated. The team came up with a strategy to attract talent looking for a new lifestyle, living in a rural area surrounded by nature in order to counteract the increasing trend of young professionals moving to big cities. The long-term strategy was to improve the conditions of those who live or work in Idanha and re-attract those who, at some point, were forced to leave. The team wanted to change perceptions about rurality and rural life and positioning Idanha as a rural-innovative destination – a place of opportunity.

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