Our Brand Essence

Our Brand Essence

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Costa Rica is renowned for the clear vision that led the country from an underdeveloped nation to a worldwide example of social progress based on education, health, and a no-army national policy since 1948. However, strong visions need constant reinterpretation based on the core values that represent the real country’s social consensus. That’s why, on the verge of Costa Rica’s bicentennial as an independent nation, the country needs to focus on making the decisions required to lead a new social pact that drives the next century and guarantees constant and fair development. The 2018 presidential elections represented a political breakthrough for the country. The sharp political ideological divisions made clear that now, more than ever, a clear values-frame is needed to lead the path of the nation. So, in the shift of a new government, the country’s brand team - Essential Costa Rica – were presented with the opportunity to endorse a strong, consented, and proven vision to lead the path of the new administration. However, how could the Costa Rica country brand be seen as more than a marketing campaign and become the core of the national consensus for the new century?

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