Discover Harlow

Discover Harlow

Learn about Harlow District Council's Place Brand of the Year entry.

Award entered by Harlow District Council

In 2017 Harlow Council took a fresh look at what it could do to help develop Harlow as a place of national and international significance, able to compete on the global stage for investment and development. This is a period of great opportunity for Harlow. However, poised for success as it is, Harlow faces a significant challenge, one that prevents this potential from being realised; it is constrained by image. Harlow has a negative image, locally, regionally, nationally, and unfortunately following two events which gained considerable press attention in 2016/17, even internationally. For Harlow to succeed it must overcome this negative image and show the world what it can really do. Harlow Council has a bold vision; to put Harlow on the global stage.

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