There’s No Nightlife in Utah

There’s No Nightlife in Utah

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As a meeting, convention and leisure destination, Salt Lake, and the state of Utah in general, struggles with the omnipresent and incorrect perception that there's nothing to do there: no drinking, no nightlife, no fun. This is often the reason given for lost meeting/convention bids. This issue was brought to the national forefront yet again in May 2017 during the NBA playoffs, when one of players from the Golden State Warriors, when asked if they'd prefer playing the L.A. Lakers or Utah Jazz, said, "The Lakers. There's no nightlife in Utah." The Visit Salt Lake Communications team and some of its partners delivered a campaign to take advantage of this opportunity, creating and delivering a multifaceted response to the claim, garnering substantial traditional and social media exposure, engagement, community awareness, and numerous accolades.

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