Chile Que Te Quiero

Chile Que Te Quiero

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Over 4000km long but only 350km wide. The world’s driest desert, enormous mountains, sandy beaches, impressive fjords, and breathtaking glaciers are all present in one single country: Chile. Chileans are proud of their country, even though most haven’t been able to see all its natural beauty in person. In some cases, the territory is hostile, lacks connectivity and the travelling distances can be tough. It is therefore difficult to encourage someone in the desert, for example, to identify with someone living in Patagonia. The team at Imagen de Chile work hard to positively impact perceptions about the country, highlighting the positive attributes of its identity. To achieve this, it is key to find a way to integrate all of its 16 regions into the promotion of brand Chile. The goal is that every Chilean feels like an ambassador of the country. In this sense, Chile’s country brand is more than a graphic design, but rather a tool to strengthen the country’s image in the world and contribute to international promotion.

The “Chile Que Te Quiero, Un Recorrido Ilustrado Que Nos Une” project was designed to encourage each citizen to become a proud ambassador of their country whereby the team travelled the country from north to south in search of the key features of each town’s identity. Chileans themselves got to vote for those they found the most representative of each region. The results were taken by local artists and used to create illustrated regional maps. Each map was developed by an artist from that area. Each piece reflected the personality and identity of each region. Over 10,000 people participated in a live contest which received a 90% approval rating. The travelling exhibition served as a tourist attraction and educational space, where schools had the opportunity to schedule classes on country recognition and the location of different Chilean towns and cities. “We are sometimes very uneducated about our own country”, cited one resident after seeing the final result. Another also added: “Many of us don’t have the chance to see new places in Chile. With this, I can travel!”. Getting citizens to rally around Chilean regional identity was a key factor in this project and was also why the team invited public institutions in the areas of tourism, agriculture and regional development to participate in this initiative, all of whom requested the contents of the campaign as a tool to engage their stakeholders. In February 2019, the exhibition culminated with the release of a final map of the entire country that summarizes the project.

The exhibit was a success, as its contents were developed based on citizen input regarding their identity; it required local artistic talent to illustrate the findings and significant support from regional stakeholders to organize and promote each display. Illustrators from each region were identified and selected, and each illustrator was given the results from the project’s previous phases, including regional workshops and a digital contest where citizens were able to validate the key features of their identity. The illustrated maps created were then validated by the institution within the Foreign Ministry responsible for drafting official maps and by the national tourism board.

The three regional capitals with the largest population in Northern, Central and Southern Chile were selected for the first phase of the exhibit, and face-to-face meetings were scheduled with local authorities to introduce the project and garner their support. This helped initiate eventual collaborations on several initiatives directed towards senior citizens, schools and tourist groups. Finally, the exhibit visited the most popular spots in each regional capital to become a true illustrated tour of Chile, was free and open to the public and lasted 10 days. Given the project’s success and the interest shown by public institutions at the national and regional level, the exhibit was taken to five additional regions. There are plans to do one more tour and use its content to promote the country’s identity at both national and international level.

The travelling exhibition was a hugely successful cultural event, achieving a 90% attendee approval rating in the regions where it was held. It attracted over 100,000 visitors and 10,000 participants in the live contest.

The tangible outcomes have included the publishing of a report on the results of the project that sought to identify, select and promote key features of each region’s identity according to the inhabitants themselves. New materials were created regarding Chilean identity: 16 regional maps and a map of the entire country. The project encouraged the promotion of local talent, with artists from each region interpreting and illustrating the country according to how citizens view the identity of their towns and regions.

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