Chile Que Te Quiero

Chile Que Te Quiero

Learn about Fundación Imagen de Chile's entry for Best Citizen Engagement 

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Over 4000km long but only 350km wide. The world’s driest desert, enormous mountains, sandy beaches, impressive fjords, and breathtaking glaciers are all present in one single country: Chile. Chileans are proud of their country, even though most haven’t been able to see all its natural beauty in person. In some cases, the territory is hostile, lacks connectivity and the travelling distances can be tough. It is therefore difficult to encourage someone in the desert, for example, to identify with someone living in Patagonia. The team at Imagen de Chile work hard to positively impact perceptions about the country, highlighting the positive attributes of its identity. To achieve this, it is key to find a way to integrate all of its 16 regions into the promotion of brand Chile. The goal is that every Chilean feels like an ambassador of the country. In this sense, Chile’s country brand is more than a graphic design, but rather a tool to strengthen the country’s image in the world and contribute to international promotion.

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