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In the summer of 2021, City Nation Place and Bloom Consulting announced a partnership research initiative to discover the holy grail of place branding – quantifying the impact that a place brand strategy can have on a place economy.  This is an ambitious project with many stages [underpinned with academic rigour provided by researchers from University of Pompeu Fabra and University Autonoma of Barcelona]– join us for this first stage report back where we will identify the factors that build perceptions for nation brands [and watch this space for updates on how this might differ for city and regional place brands].  
What do we actually mean by “perceptions”?  With participants from over 46 places around the world, this study has arrived at an industry consensus of how nation and place brand and marketing teams should be assessing perceptions of their nation and place brand. Sign into watch the webinar recording and hear what the research has revealed as the key drivers of perception, providing you with essential insight to inform your own nation or place brand strategy.  You’ll hear from Jose Filipe Torres, CEO of Bloom Consulting and we will be joined by two nation brand team representatives who will share their response to this first stage of the survey results.

You can also download the technical report here.