The STRUCTURE & GOVERNANCE FOR SUCCESSFUL PLACE BRANDING AND MARKETING report provides a summary of a survey of just under 40 organisations around the world and seven in-depth interviews to provide a better understanding of the pros and cons of different approaches. Download the report to learn what’s working, where the challenges are, and how places are adapting their structures and funding to better support their evolving objectives.

This free report features quantitative insights from a survey of senior place leaders around the world, tips and recommendations from industry experts, and interviews with cities, regions, and nations representing the diverse variety of approaches taken to structure and governance within place branding and marketing:

  • VisitEngland / VisitBritain
  • Essential Costa Rica
  • Enterprise Estonia
  • Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (USA)
  • Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Staffordshire County Council (UK)
  • 4VI (Vancouver Island, Canada)

Download this free report here:

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Structure and governance for place branding and marketing

Discover the pros and cons of different approaches in this report packed with quantitative insights, exlcusive interviews with place leaders, and recommendations from industry experts.