Place branding is a marathon – not a sprint. It can take decades to move the needle on perceptions of your place and build your reputation. However, in doing so, a cohesive place brand strategy creates the foundations for the long-term success of your place.
As City Nation Place heads into its tenth year, join us on this free webinar to unlock the secrets behind long-term place branding success. You’ll hear from past winners of the CNP Place Brand of the Year award, as they share their formulas for crafting a strategy that will stand the test of time.

  • Mincke Pijpers, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Leiden&Partners, the latest winners of the Place Brand of the Year award, will explore the development process underpinning the creation of their new place positioning and how they planned for a longer-term legacy beyond their year as European Capital of Science.
  • Adriana Acosta, Country Brand Director for essential Costa Rica, Place Brand of the Year winners in 2019, will be reflecting on the evolution of their positioning and what lessons they’re taking from the past decade as they launch their next ten-year strategy.
  • Andrea Nylund, City Innovation Lead at Oslo Business Region, will unpack what their place storytelling looks like ten years after winning the inaugural Place Brand of the Year award in 2015 with the launch of their new place brand strategy, and will explore how it has delivered real change for the city. 

From quantifying the impact and long-term benefits of a successful place brand to developing a strategy that grows and evolves alongside your place, make sure you join us on March 14th to discover actionable insights to ensure an enduring legacy for your place brand strategy.

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    Adriana Acosta Rivas Marketing, Communication & Country Brand Director Essential COSTA RICA Bio
    Mincke Pijpers Head of Strategy & Marketing Leiden&Partners Bio
    Andrea Nylund City Innovation Lead, Oslo Business Region, and Co-Developer Branding Oslo Bio