City Nation Place Awards 2023

9th annual awards

Congratulations to all our winners and our highly commended entries.

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The image reads best citizen engagement


MOLDOVAMoldova For Peace
Entered by Invest Moldova [Credits: Future Technologies Activity | Association of Creative Industry Companies in Moldova]

This campaign achieved real engagement in a short space of time. It was nimble, quick, and sensitive, embracing the refugee crisis and working to align citizens around a message of peace. It would be easy to be emotionally swayed by this entry, but it’s not just about the emotion: the results stood up.

Image displays a dove carrying a yellow heart which is the logo for the Moldova for Peace campaign

Best Communication Strategy - economic development


DENMARKThe Danish Machine
Entered by Copenhagen Capacity [Credits: Talent to Denmark | COPUS]

The jury were impressed by both the long-term view and the short-term results of this effective talent attraction strategy and admired the creative approach, matching those values and characteristics of the Danish country brand to the perceived preferences and psychologies of their much sought-after target audience.

The logo reads The State of Denmark

Highly Commended

ESTONIAWork In Estonia - Just Log In
Entered by Work Estonia

The image reads Best Communication Strategy, Place Brand; next to a speech bubble containing a map pointer


Scotland Is Open
Entered by Brand Scotland

This was a distinctive, lyrical campaign, using a collaborative approach to produce a beautiful film, which encompassed the heart of the nation brand strategy.

The image displays Brand Scotland's logo which reads Scotland next to a thisle

The image reads Best communication strategy, Tourism; next to a speech bubble containing an aeroplane


ICELANDWelcome To The Icelandverse
Entered by Business Iceland [Credits: SS&K]

This irreverent, cheeky, genius campaign wowed our jury – the speed of the response to a global news story enabled by such a clear vision of the destination’s brand values.

The image is a logo reading Visit Iceland

Highly Commended

Find Your Freedom
Entered by Cape Town Tourism [Credits GoPro | Expedia]

The image reads Best Use of Data, next to a graph


Discover Long Island’s Data Driven Approach To Identify New And Future Visitor Markets
Entered by Discover Long Island

A deceptively straightforward entry which actually demonstrates that the DMO is a truly data-driven organisation – investing in deeper analysis and following the numbers to reach out very successfully to new markets.

The image is a logo reading Discover Long Island, New York

The image reads Best use of Design next to a painters pallette


Biometric Passport Of Costa Rica
Entered by essential COSTA RICA
This was a design idea and solution rooted in authenticity. The nation brand team responded to an opportunity to reinforce the country brand, expand its reach, and galvanise the people of Costa Rica to support it, creating a real sense of national pride.

The image is a logo reading essential Costa Rica

Highly Commended

Australia's Nation Brand: More Than Just A Pretty Face
Entered by Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) [Credits: Fiftyfive5]

The image reads Place Brand of the Year, Powered by Brandkit


ESTONIABrand Estonia
Entered by Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

In the fifth year since the launch of Estonia’s strategic brand strategy, we celebrate its success and acknowledge the strong foundation that the collaborative and pillar-based approach has provided the nation – enabling the authentic introduction of a fifth pillar, “democratic values”, to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The image is a blue square and inside reads Estonia

Highly Commended

Chile. Creating Future.
Entered by Imagen de Chile

Highly Commended

Belong To All: The Place Brand Strategy For Madeira
Entered by Madeira Promotion Bureau [Credits: Bloom Consulting]

To access all the winning case studies - as well as the case studies for all our finalists - buy the 2022 Awards Showcase.