Best Use of Design

This category is open to entry by place leadership and marketing teams, and by the brand and design consultancies who work with them. Our Jury will be looking for evidence that the development of design around brand identity is rooted in the process of research and planning for place brand strategy and for a creative approach that works for the long term and across key audiences. We will want to see examples of the brand identity in use and to understand how it is contributing to the strategic approach to engage citizens, attract talent, attract investment and/or tourism.

Best Citizen Engagement

This category is all about the people factor: a place brand is all about its people and requires the support and endorsement of the citizens. Our Jury are keen to hear how place brand teams are proactively engaging with the citizens through research and communication to understand the essence of their place brand, and to ensure buy-in for the vision for place-making, tourism development, and economic development. Places which are able to demonstrate that their citizens are actively supporting and collaborating with the place branding approach will do well in this category!

Best Use of Social Media

A place’s brand in the digital world can be a very true or significant reflection of the place brand in the real world. How a place uses social media to engage citizens, to promote policy, to attract tourism, talent or investment can make the effective difference to a place brand strategy – our Jury will be looking for creative, innovative and strategic approaches to social media. Entries which tell a clear story and can demonstrate effective results will be favoured by the judges – whether entered by the place brand team or by the agency who supports them in social media strategy.

Best Communication Strategy

The strategic communication of place brand values should be about so much more than a single objective or single channel advertising campaign. Our Jury will be looking for great place brand story telling – for effective partnerships and collaborations between departments or teams, or between media channels and place brand teams; for communication campaigns which deliver against clear branding objectives and deliver results. Open to entry by place brand teams, by communication consultancies or advertising agencies or by media owner partners.

Place Brand of the Year 

This category is intended to recognise the achievement of place branding teams who bring everything together effectively – who are able to demonstrate a committed approach to building team structures to support a long term strategic approach to managing and promoting the place brand, who have established a clear framework and both short and long term objectives and who, over the past year (March 2018 to July 2019) have implemented a project, or strategic endeavour, or capitalised on an event, or achieved a particular goal – or perhaps even demonstrated how a strong place brand can provide resilience in a crisis. For the 2019 Awards, our Jury will also be looking for evidence that the place is factoring in considerations for the sustainability of the place brand strategy: for a destination or place management strategy that is working to balance the needs of the place environment, of citizens, of business, and of visitors.