How to enter

Entry Criteria:

  1. Entries are invited from all place teams - government and mayoral offices, from destination marketing organisations, investment promotion agencies, economic development teams, local authorities, BID teams etc. – and from the agencies who support them.
  2. Please enter campaigns and strategies that have been implemented between 1st March 2018 and 31 July 2019.  For the Place Brand Strategy of the Year category, we are also interested in the longer-term perspective – but with specific reference to developments in this time period.
  3. Please read through the Awards category descriptions carefully and ensure that your entry reflects the criteria described.  Many places will be able to enter several or all categories but we strongly recommend that you don’t just copy and paste your entries from one category to the next – there are clear differences between a social media strategy and a multi-platform, story-telling communications strategy for example.  There are also clear differences between a great communications platform and a strategic approach to developing and managing a place brand.
  4. Download and use the entry form templates to help you to write your entry and to share it with key stakeholders for sign-off before entering.  Please ensure that you do not exceed the word counts for each segment of your entry.
    1. DOWNLOAD entry form template for all categories except Place Brand of the Year
    2. DOWNLOAD entry form template for Place Brand of the Year
  5. Decide on your supporting pieces of material.  You can provide up to three pieces of supporting material. Please note: supporting materials should only be there to support your entry.  Any really important information, particularly on results for example, should be included in your main entry.  Examples of great supporting materials:
  6. Videos, images, examples of your communication materials [or links to view them]
  7. Photos or images reflecting your place assets
  8. Testimonials, quotes, reflections from your citizens or other key stakeholders
  9. All entries must then be uploaded to the City Nation Place Awards entry platform HERE by Friday 13 September, together with your place or organisation logo in eps / ai format [required], and up to 3 pieces of supporting materials. The maximum file size is 5MB.
  10. That’s it!  No payment is required.

City Nation Place 2019 Awards Timeline

17 May 2019                 Open for entries

13 September 2019      Entries Extended Deadline

3 October 2019            Shortlist Announcement

7 November 2019         Winners Announced at the City Nation Place 2019 Conference