Welcome to CNP Connections, a membership hub for the leadership teams of place brand and place marketing organisations around the world. CNP Connections provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, build your network, and learn from other place brand and marketing strategies all year round. Members have exclusive access to quarterly round table discussions, member presentations, and in-depth reports or white papers – all on topics and challenges which are at the top of your agenda. You will also join a members-only networking platform enabling you to connect directly with other members to explore shared learnings and new opportunities.

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You are invited to apply to participate in a research study focusing on measuring the direct impact of city, nation, and place brands. There will be no cost for participation and your place will benefit from receiving an executive report on your own brand’s effectiveness.


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Online Round Table | Working better together: Improving collaboration between place brand and marketing teams

Join this member-led round table discussion toshare approaches for improving collaboration between economic development,tourism, investment promotion, talent attraction, place making, diplomacy andother place brand and marketing teams.  How are places adapting organisational structures to foster betterrelationships? Are teams taking on changing roles or KPIs to reflect theirdifferent strengths and better support the common goals?  What data are places using to demonstratethat better collaboration delivers more effective results? 

Presentation Members Only

Exclusive Member Presentation | Implementing effective place-to-place marketing collaborations

Leigh Dawber, head of marketing for Cape Town Tourism has been a proactive leader in understandingthe financial, creative, and reach opportunities of effective place to placecollaboration on marketing initiatives. Hear from Leigh as she shares what she has learned about the pros andcons of collaboration and how to best manage joint objectives and then join thediscussion as we explore how place to place collaborations can perhaps gofurther – and how they can work across investment promotion and other objectivesas well as for tourism attraction.

Working Group Members Only

Shifting from destination marketing to destination management

What are the advantages to having a destination management focus rather than a purely marketing-driven approach? And what does it really mean for your destination? The Travel Foundation will be joining us to explore the structural changes you need to successfully transition from marketing to management, and top tips to ensure this strategy will make your place more resilient.

Collaborative Place Branding White Paper
Members Only Report

Collaborative Place Branding White Paper

This White Paper will provide a deeper analysis of how place brand marketing organisations are developing and improving effective collaborations, through short case study examples and expert comment.  The first section will provide an overview of how teams can work together within a place – how tourism, economic development, investment promotion can work more effectively with political and private sector stakeholders to manage and build place reputation, attract talent, investment, and visitors, and drive economic development.  The second section will highlight examples of collaboration between places on marketing and knowledge sharing. 

Publication date:

Round table Members Only

Online Round Table | Cultural attractiveness: supporting, developing, and leveraging your brand’s cultural assets

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the cultural life of nations, cities and places around the world. Your cultural heritage and cultural sector provide the desired differentiation and attractiveness for people to want to live in, study in, visit, and invest in your place. Join this discussion to share practical advice for supporting the recovery of your place’s cultural attractiveness and find out how other places work with and leverage their cultural sector to tell a strong place brand story.

Presentation Members Only

Exclusive Member Presentation | The role of honesty in investment attraction and equitable economic development

Speaker and full session details to be confirmed.

Investment promotion strategies are frequently criticized for their lack of differentiation and for making the same promises.  In this session we plan to explore how some places are enjoying greater success in attracting investment and working with the private sector by being more open and honest about the challenges their place faces and that they hope to solve through economic development. How can a more collaborative approach with your investors deliver more equitable economic benefits for your place?

Working Group Members Only

Promoting your sustainable credentials

In our 2021 place branding survey, 93% of our respondents believed that having a sustainable approach to tourism or economic development would provide a competitive advantage – but only 54% promoted their sustainable approach in their place brand storytelling. How can you ensure that your more sustainable approach does deliver competitive advantage? And how can you speak with authenticity?

Sustainability in Place Branding
Members Only Report

Sustainability in Place Branding

What do we mean by sustainable tourism or economic development?  How does a commitment to sustainable development goals enhance a place’s reputation and provide competitive advantage? This White Paper explores how nations, cities, and places around the world are defining and working towards a more sustainable approach to developing their place economies. Through case studies and expert comment, the report will also explore how places are telling their story of their commitment to sustainable development to engage citizens, attract visitors, and attract investment.

Publication date:

Members Only Round table

Online Round Table | Your values, your place brand

Join this member-led round table to explore how place brand and marketing teams are developing values-based strategies. It’s long been recognised that destination marketing strategies cannot effectively gloss over issues of governance, policy, or values that might impact negatively on international opinion. But how can a clear understanding and expression of values provide the rock on which a place brand is built? And how do you identify and formulate these values – through citizen engagement, through a changed relationship between political leadership and place brand and marketing teams?

Working Group Members Only

Sustainable place branding post-COP 26

COP 26 will take place in Glasgow over the first two weeks of November. Join this discussion to catch up on everything you might have missed and to begin rethinking what sustainable development should look like in the near future.

Presentation Members Only

Exclusive Member Presentation | How public diplomacy can adapt to the new world of sharp power

Speaker and full session details to be confirmed.

The term “sharp power” refers to the manipulation of diplomatic and economic policies to influence and undermine the political system or policies of another country.  Is “sharp power” the new soft power – or can public diplomacy effectively counter malign intentions as well as promote the nation brand story you want to tell?


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