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CNP Connections is a FREE membership hub for the leadership teams of place brand and place marketing organisations around the world. Joining CNP Connections will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas, build your networking, and learn from other place brand and marketing experts all year round.

TO QUALIFY for your FREE membership of CNP Connections you should be in a leadership or strategic role as part of a government team; destination marketing organisation; economic development team; investment promotion agency; city, state, or regional marketing board; or similar organisation. [Membership is not open to consultants or agencies working with multiple places, although there are opportunities for you to get involved if this is your role, please CONTACT US]


Join the Place Brand Measurement research project, providing you with the opportunity to benchmark your place brand and marketing investment and outcomes with other places around the world

Access a quarterly White Paper or report on a key aspect of place branding & place marketing

Join our mentoring and buddy program – connecting you with other places to learn from others’ experiences
[To be launched soon]

Join the Connections networking platform to make useful contacts