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Measuring the direct impact of city, nation, and place brands

Our discussions with CNP Connections members has highlighted the challenges of measuring the impact and effectiveness of place brands for cities, nations, and places. We can measure the reach and engagement of a place marketing campaign, we can measure changes in perceptions of our place, but how can we measure the impact that improved perceptions have on our place economies?

We are delighted to be able to offer you this exclusive opportunity to join a research study that is being carried out by Bloom Consulting to develop a model for measurement of the direct impact of city, nation, and place brands – and to give you the opportunity to join the research study.

Participating in this independent, global study IS FREE for CNP Connections members and offers …

  • The opportunity to participate in update presentations during the progression of the study
  • An executive report, tailored to your city, nation, or place
  • One to one meetings with the study team at Bloom
  • The opportunity to demonstrate the impact of your place brand

The details…

The objective of this study is to understand the direct impacts [economic or social] of a positive nation and/or place brand. It is a complex task as a brand is an intangible asset and there is a current lack of available information to create direct correlations and statistical models – we are looking for a good representation of cities, countries and regions in each continent to provide the necessary data.

Bloom Consulting will share all the findings of the study in an open source and transparent manner with the countries, cities, and regions that volunteer to participate in the project.

Bloom Consulting will sign a non-disclosure agreement with each participant, all data will be shared in an aggregated manner never disclosing any sensitive and/or confidential information about individual participating places without the necessary permissions.

Every participating place would be asked to provide data on tourism, foreign direct investment, talent attraction, population, and international students. You will also be asked to provide optional additional information on investment in branding and marketing, social media listening, perception studies, campaign measurement, media clippings, policies and projects – and any other studies you can which provide a picture of the place brand activity. Finally, you will be asked to share a survey link with your respective networks to gather global perception data.

  • Please apply to be a part of this study before 31 August 2021.
  • You will be participating in a project to develop a new measurement model for place brands: we will publish a timeline for the project for all participants but please be aware that as the project progresses, we anticipate changes in approach as we all work together. The intention is to provide first feedback at the City Nation Place Global in November 2021, and a more detailed report one year later.