City Nation Place Global

9th annual City Nation Place Global, London 

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City Nation Place brings together nation branding teams, city and regional marketing boards, destination marketing organisations, investment promotion agencies, and economic development teams to focus on how to leverage a place brand and marketing strategy to…

  • Build and manage a more positive domestic and international reputation
  • Deliver stronger, more sustainable economic and tourism development
  • Implement more effective strategies for attracting visitors, talent, and investment

“I haven’t missed City Nation Place since its inauguration. Why I keep coming back is for two things…One is to make sure that as a destination, as a DMO, we learn… and for us it’s a more realistic way to do collaboration without having to spend hours and lots of flights going all around the world to engage with destinations. You come here, you can do that, and what you also find are kindred spirits.”

Enver Duminy, CEO, Cape Town Tourism


You can catch up on all the content from the conference by purchasing a Digital Delegate Package.  Video presentations include:

  • Excerpts from interviews with future-thinkers Jonathan Woetzel of the McKinsey Global Institute, Jeremy Smith of The Travel Foundation, and Jake Hirsch-Allen of LinkedIn with their views on the challenges and opportunities for place brand strategies
  • Laura Kamras of the Finland Ministry for Foreign Affairs on collaborative branding in the Nordics
  • Maria Lypiatska, Head of Brand Ukraine and adviser to the Ukraine Ministry of Affairs on nation branding’s role during the war
  • Denver, Skane, Leeds, and Lithuania on the global talent crisis and how to respond
  • Guanluca Rizzo of Brixton BID on the place-to-place collaboration with Harlem
  • Sholto Douglas-Home of Expo City Dubai on how the Expo has worked for soft power and now for a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • BBC Storyworks with a guide to telling your place’s story
  • Heike Doll-Konig of Tourismus NRW e.V., Geerte Udo of Amsterdam&partners, Enver Duminy of Cape Town Tourism, and Irina Tolstousov of Invest Moldova in our leadership panel – where are they investing and focusing to move from strategy to implementation?
  • Brent Hill of Tourism Fiji on rebuilding better for a more sustainable future
  • Anthony Everett of 4VI on why Tourism Vancouver Island is now a social enterprise
  • Brand Finance on how to use data to understand brand attributes for different audiences to focus on what really matters
  • SImpleview with a case study of Queenstown’s digital excellence programme
  • IPSOS Global Reputation Centre with new research to help you understand what connects your citizens to where they live
  • MMGY Global with Destination Harrogate and Fort Lauderdale on how small cities and destinations can punch above their weight with big ideas
  • FINN Partners on how to harness the power of broadcast partnerships
  • Institute for Identity on how to harness gastronomy as a place differentiator
  • Resonance and Visit Brussels on developing a unified city narrative
  • CrowdRiff on the role of storytelling in accessibility advocacy
  • The New York Times on how to understand your audience to frame and tell better stories
  • Bloom Consulting on measuring the impact of place brands on place economies
  • Ursula Bauer from the City of Vienna on tackling the gender gap to create a fair city for all
  • Gloria Boix Curos from Barcelona City Council on developing a sustainable vision for successful sectoral economic development
  • Ray Hoyt of the USA BMX Foundation on how cities are building their outdoor life proposition to stand out from the crowd
  • Mayor Armindo Jacinto of Idanha-a-Nova on how to position a rural municipality as a centre for quality of life and rural innovation
  • Todd Babiak of Brand Tasmania and Andrea Centeno of Costa Rica Investment Promotion Agency on leveraging a place brand strategy to build a place brand narrative

You can catch up on all the content from the conference by purchasing a digital delegate package for just £349 + VAT

“City Nation Place is global, and it’s a unique opportunity to look at systems of place branding from an economic development side along with tourism and other systems of working together. In my experience, I haven’t seen any other opportunities to bring collaboration in that way. It’s not just tourism, it’s not just economic development, it’s the full conversation. It’s an exciting opportunity to come together to learn and implement new ideas.”

Anthony Everett, President & CEO at 4VI
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