City Nation Place UK

Here is your guide to understand the navigation tools within the networking portal.

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1. All Delegates
Clicking All Delegates allows you access to search and view all delegates. Click the search icon at the top of the delegate list to search for a specific delegate or filter by company name or company type.
Click the down arrow on each delegate's profile to expand and view their complete profile including company type, interests and motivations for participating in the event (the drop down will only appear once the delegate has completed their profile).
The message button allows you to reach out to a delegate instantly. Don't worry if the delegate's not online, they will receive your message in an email notification.
2. Recommended for You
You will find a list of recommended potential connections here. These connections are generated based on the information you provide in your profile. If you wish to connect with these delegate's, make sure you show your interest by clicking the star on their profile in this section. They will then be notified of your interest.

3. My Connections
Once you have shown interest in a delegate (by tapping the star icon beside the profile) and connected with them via instant message or a meeting, they will appear in this list.

4. My "Interested" List
Tap the STAR ICON next to a delegate's profile to show your interest, and they will move to My "Interested" List. The delegate will receive an email notification with the option to setup a meeting with you if they are also interested.
5. Interested in You
When someone expresses interest in you (by clicking the star on your profile) you will be notified and they will appear in this list. You can reciprocate interest or request a meeting right away.
6. My Profile
Click here to update your profile. We recommend adding a photo to your profile as it enhances networking opportunities.  If you wish to opt out of the networking you will be able to do so by scrolling to the bottom of your page and ticking opt out.
7. Inbox
Your chat conversations will appear here so that you can refer back to them.