City Nation Place UK


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City Nation Place UK brings together the leadership teams of local authorities, LVEPs, destination marketing organisations, business improvement districts, and economic development teams to join the dots between what makes a place attractive for citizens, visitors, and business.

Day 1

Tuesday 19th September

A full day’s conference programme where you will hear from place brand and marketing team leaders how they are building and leveraging improved collaboration between place stakeholders, the community, and the private sector to build and communicate place attractiveness.

Day 2

Wednesday 20th September

An optional extra day, with limited places, led by the city’s place brand and marketing manager, Mark Mobbs to provide you with a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how the very identity of Sheffield has been shaped through built environment, culture and partnerships.

Join us in Sheffield [a city that is demonstrating the power of stakeholder collaboration to attract talent, visitors, investment, and media attention] to take away actionable ideas to support your own place brand and marketing strategy.


Topics covered will include:

Evolutions in strategy, funding, and purpose for place management and marketing organisation

Strategies to deliver more sustainable place and tourism economies

Engaging the next generation in your place brand strategy

Working more effectively with your private sector to regenerate and build place attractiveness

Leveraging data to tell your story more effectively

Creating a unified place narrative across communications with citizens, business, and visitors to build place brand reputation

"Interesting to hear what other place brand teams are experiencing at City Nation Place UK and it’s making me so proud of what we have in Burnley. There’s always learnings to be had and things to improve, so I’m excited to head back up north this evening and incorporate them into our plans for 2023 and beyond."

Rachel Bayley, Burnley Place Brand Manager (Economy & Growth), Burnley Borough Council