City Nation Place Americas is the forum for place branding and place marketing for nations, regions, states and cities across the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. At a time when many destinations and places are being challenged to re-think their approaches to attracting tourism, talent and investment, this event provides the forum to identify the opportunities created by change, and to learn from the experience of others. We look forward to planning the third City Nation Place Americas conference in June 2019 – watch this space for updates!

Our organising partner, Chris Fair of Resonance, summed up the key takeaways from the conference as:

  • Places must measure and monitor both perception and performance
  • Destination marketing is a key driver of economic development
  • Amazon helped teach city organizations how to work together
  • Every destination should be thinking about placemaking
  • Festivals and events empower communities

READ Chris’ full summary of the event



READ the view of our host partner, Steven Pedigo of NYUPSP Schack Institute of Real Estate’s summary of the panel of cities involved in the Amazon RFP.


WATCH a selection of presentations from the conference.


I had an amazing time in NYC last week for the City Nation Place Conference. It will get better every year as more and more people begin to realize the synergy between tourism and economic development. Next year, team Topeka will definitely be bringing more staff!

Brett Oetting, President & CEO, Visit Topeka

Who attended?

  • Directors, Strategy Directors, CMOs of National, State and City Marketing organizations
  • Ministerial teams from tourism, trade, investment and foreign affairs departments
  • Nation branding committees from across the Americas
  • Directors and marketing teams from Destination Marketing Organizations and Tourism Boards
  • Directors and marketing teams from Economic Development Organizations and Investment Promotion Boards
  • Directors of Business Improvement Districts
  • Directors of Property and Real Estate organizations working on place making projects and neighborhood development
  • Agencies, consultancies and advisers working with clients on place branding, place marketing and place marketing projects

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The presentations and breakout sessions were strong, and it was a great group of people to network with.

Anne Marie Moran, Account Manager, Ipsos


I loved the variety as it informed me on matters that I might not be involved with now but can think about for the future. 

Dan Bearss, CEO, Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission

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